Ministry Update

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on what’s been going on in my life thus far! I’ve been at Life Action training for three weeks, and it’s been a whirlwind of informat1dc1b720a09b5f155ebb31d8ba7a0ea9ion, preparing, new friends, and change. But it’s also been a growing experience like none other.

We’re half way through training and I’m getting excited to be on the road with my team! Our first travel day is September 6th is our first travel day and we’ll be traveling for three days as we head to Red Oak, Texas. Please pray as we’re on the road!


As a financial update, praise the Lord that I’ve raised half of my $3,500! I’ll need the other half by December 31st, so please be praying for me in that. I’m excited to see the Lord work through my finances this year and am trusting7c0988027044e746206564377124cc8d Him in that area.

In other news, this week God’s been hitting me over the head with the fact of honesty. Being honest with my leadership. My club leader (her name is Breanna and please be praying for her, as she’s going through a rough time right now), the head revivalist (Gregg), family revivalist (Brent), and their wives, (Patti and Maggie), and everyone else in leadership. Honesty is hard for me, as I like to hold it all in. So to be honest about how I’m feeling, how I’m dealing with life, how I’m just doing is really, really hard.

So please pray for me to open up and be honest. Please pray for our leadership. Pray for my team. Just … PRAY! It’s the thing we all need right now!

Thank you all! I miss you and am so blessed to have you right now!

Week Two of Staff Training 

Trust was our theme this week and boy was it a good one for our team. This week as we had to say goodbye to a team member as he moved to another team. 

I don’t understand why, after only knowing him for two weeks, it was so hard to say goodbye. But it was. Is. So please pray for me and all of red team as we struggle with this change. 

Also this coming week, I’ll be teaching children for the first time. YIKES! Very nervous about this, so that is something I need God’s grace over.  

Definition of Grace –

Grace is God giving us the strength and desire to obey Him. 

God brought me here.  He’ll help me through it all. The ups and the downs. The certain times and the uncertain times. 

I simply need to trust him. 

(Sorry this was so short this week, but I’m super busy and tired.) 

Surrender and Trust


It’s such a funny thing that we as Christians talk about a lot but very rarely do we actually think about it. I know when I was working out at Gull Lake Ministries, it was something I was struggling with and it’s not different here at Life Action. The ironic thing? I’m teaching in it in Happy Heart City.

Surrender is being willing to do whatever God asks.

The illustration we use for this is a story called Nikko and the Frozen Lake. Basically, Nikko has to decide whether he’ll obey the king who’s asked him to visit him by laying down his “treasures” to cross the lake or if he’ll be disobedient and try and cross with the “treasures” the king told him to leave behind.

The correlation between this kids story and our own is so so clear. Are we willing to lay down our checklist, our plans, our things, etc. in order to do what God is calling us to do?

Surrender goes hand in hand with trust – something else God’s been slamming me over the head with. Today in church service, one of the leaders read from Matthew 10. He said how there are four words, all alliterated  – that Jesus asks us to trust Him with.

Resources – Matthew 10:5-10

Rescue – Matthew 10:16-20

Reputation – Matthew 10:24-25

Relationships – Matthew 10:32-37

That basically covers all the things I worry about. But the biggest one was the Relationship one. I constantly worry about losing friends, or if I’ll ever met a guy, fall in love, and get married. I worry about what people think about me. I worry about getting sick or hurt or accused without a defense. And lastly, I worry about money. Will I have enough support to travel this year?

But God knows.

And He’s asking me to surrender it to Him, and simply … Trust.

And so that’s what I’m gonna do!

Here We Go! 

So this is it! And the adventure begins! 

For those of you who don’t know, I’m traveling with a group called Life Action Ministries for a year. Life Action is a ministry whose goal is to prompt authentic Christianity. I’m traveling with them as a Children’s Minister (or CM as wee call them here). We travel in teams of around 20, which include a worship leader,  band members (called Bandies), both a family revivalist and a lead revivalist, and around eight to ten CM’s. We travel to different churches all across the US and sometimes even Canada, teaching kids, teens, and adults to live for Jesus. 

This year, I’ll be traveling with the red team. If you want to see where my team is traveling, or maybe catch a Life Action event in a city near you, you can do so here!

So that being said, this blog will be to keep y’all informed! So please sign up to be notified of updates! I’ll also try to share new posts in Facebook and maybe Instagram when I remember! 

Thank you all for your prayers and support as I start on this new chapter of life and new adventure that God is calling me on!